If You Want A Comfortable Convenient Means Of Commuting MOVEO May Be Your Solution

Riding MOVEORiding MOVEO

Commuting can be a real pain. There's traffic, one-way streets and parking, just to name a few obstacles. And then there's you in your car, contributing to the greenhouse gas emissions. Want an environmentally friendly solution? Check out the MOVEO Foldable Electric Scooter. 

We all know that rush hour traffic is an anxiety riddled inconvenience. But traffic jams aren't exclusive to rush hour anymore. More and more vehicles are on the roads, and on average only 1.5 people occupy those vehicles. Why not eliminate the hassle and stress and get a smaller, more convenient vehicle--one that emits no green house gasses, that can maneuver in tight spots in the city and that can be folded up and stowed when you're done with it. 

MOVEO FoldedMOVEO Folded

MOVEO was designed with these aims in mind. This electric folding scooter only requires a battery charge to run, so it won't be blowing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. It is lightweight and effortless to ride, and it can be folded and rolled like a suitcase when you're done using it. 

MOVEO Electric ScooterMOVEO Electric Scooter

Not only is MOVEO a commuter's dream, it sports a sleek and modern design, with smooth contours and an eye-catching color. However, it wasn't the design that won MOVEO the Renewable Energy Award in the Innovative Technology category at the 7th annual RENEXPO Central Europe; it was the environmentally friendly aspects and convenient features you'll see in the video below.  

The MOVEO is the perfect vehicle for the environmentally conscious commuter. You'll find that traffic isn't much of a problem, parking worries are non-existent and there is no "greenhouse-gas-guilt." If you want to find out more about the MOVEO, including how to order your own, visit the MOVEO website