If Most Packaging Could Be Re-Purposed Like The Philips Activa Fitness Monitor

Philips has won 8 iF Design Awards in 2010; among them, five were in the category of packaging design. And one of those designs, the packaging of the Philips Activa Workout/Fitness Monitor, makes one wonder why isn't package re-purpose the ideal goal for more packaging design?


Philips Activa: image via wired.comPhilips Activa: image via wired.com


The iF packaging award was for the water bottle packaging.  The colorful, demonstrable paper product demonstration is tucked inside the clear water bottle, through which you can also see the product and its accessorie (the Activa, earphones, and belt clip).  And, by the way, you don't have to recycle your package, you can re-purpose it as your additional fitness companion - a sports water bottle.


Philips Activa packaging/water bottlePhilips Activa packaging/water bottle


The Activa itself?  It's pretty darn cool.  Load up your MP3 files, let the Activa know what exercise you're up to, and it will deliver your own music to you according to your activity and your workout pace -TempoMusic - that approximates your heartbeat! 

Clip it to your waist or wear it as a wrist watch or arm band, the Activa keeps track of your workout performance and gives you vocal feedback about it...


Philips Activa gives you performance feedback.Philips Activa gives you performance feedback.


After your workout, the Activa even tells you how many chocolate bars you worked off.


Philips Activa workout monitorPhilips Activa workout monitor


And you can track your continuous performance on your PC.


 Philips Activa PC interfacePhilips Activa PC interface


Oh, the Philips Activa is a neat product, but the packaging is what should inspire packaging designers to 'think outside the box' and create re-purposed packaging.

Amazon.com is now waiting for the Philips Activa Workout/Fitness Monitor to be stocked!


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