If You Gaze Long Into The Abyss - It Will Tell You It's 3:30

A "Japanese-inspired" touchscreen LED watch, the Abyss is nothing if not the height of nerd chic.

The short and simple explanation here is that the Abyss is a blank-faced watch that looks pretty damn cool. It's a standard circle shape with an adjustable snake-skin band, but what makes it great is that nothing - and we mean nothing - is displayed on the surface of the watch until a user touches it.

Then, a combination of 60 LEDs light up around the edge of the watch, the brighter swirling ones representing the hours and the smaller bluish ones denoting minutes. In your stunningly fast life, you have no need for measly seconds, so these are kept off of the watch altogether.

The Abyss has no buttons - to set the time you simply keep your finger on the screen for a few (undenoted) seconds, and it will light up every half an hour or so to let you know just what time it is and that you're still wearing a cool watch.

Cool? You bet. The face is sleek-looking, as are the LEDs, and even the band is minimalistic and stylish. As we said, geek chic comes to town.

Ooh: Geek Chic.Ooh: Geek Chic. 

But frankly, that's not the greatest part of the Abyss watch. The greatest part is the Chinavision site that's selling it, since their "selling" technique might more aptly be described as throwing a stunning number of nerd and pop-culture references at the buyer until they simply cave in and buy the damn thing - only $48 USD!

Take this gem of a line - " In fact, when you start wearing The Abyss you may find yourself getting Facebook friend requests from the greatest wizards of our time like Merlin, Gandalf, and even the great Max Power himself"

While we're avid viewers of the 'The Simpsons', we weren't aware that Homer's created "Max Power" persona was actually a wizard. If the Chinavision Abyss site says it's true, though, who are we to argue?

From reviews kicking around out there, this is apparently a fairly decent watch with a neat "hook" of an idea. Will it revolutionize the watch world? Unlikely.

Is it stylish? Surely.

Is it hilarious? Most definitely.

Also, wizards. Do you really need any more convincing than that?

Source: Tuvie via ChinaVision 

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Nov 30, 2010
by Anonymous

Abyss Watch

try getting a jeweller to change the batteries, that's when the fun starts.