If You Must Talk, Do It Safely: The Steering Wheel Bluetooth Speakerphone

It's been proven time and time again that cell phone use is dangerous while driving.  Actually, eating, talking, or even listening to a passenger, or looking away from the road for just an instant could lead to disaster.  Recently, someone actually found that driving ruins the quality of cell phone communication!*

Nevertheless, people just can't seem to stop using their cell phones or Bluetooth ear devices - a logistical interference, when they drive.  If you must use your cell phone, at least do it safely.


Steering Wheel Bluetooth SpeakerphoneSteering Wheel Bluetooth Speakerphone


Here's a Bluetooth gadget that sits on your steering wheel right in front of you. The Steering Wheel Bluetooth Speakerphone lets you talk without taking your hands off the wheel.  The device has two 2-watt speakers, noise reduction, and echo cancellation technologies for clear transmission and reception. 

You can instantly see the phone number of the calling party and decide whether to take the call or not, while you put your eyes back on the road.  The function buttons are large and you can find them by touch; you can press one button to pick up and another one to reject callers. A phone book button gives you instant access to your numbers (60) and the Bluetooth has a redial memory of 10 numbers.

I won't take calls while I'm driving and I certainly won't make any... but sometimes, it is really important to make a call even before you can pull to the side of the road to talk.  What if there's an emergency; what if someone else must reach you... now.   How will you handle that call?

Boomers may remember a chorus of the song that went... "Keep your mind on your drivin', keep your hands on the wheel..."  Why doesn't anyone seem to do that?

I'd say it's best to have your wits about you and use that big gizmo on the steering wheel.  The Steering Wheel Bluetooth Speakerphone is available from Hammacher Schlemmer with a lifetime guarantee.

And no, it doesn't do text.

*Driving Impairs Cell Phone Conversations

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