Paper Cut Clouds: 6 Truly Magical Cloud Lamps By Yu Jordy Fu

Paper cutting is an an ancient Chinese art, and a very intricate art form. Prolific artist, designer, and architect, Yu Jordy Fu, may have the gene for mastering this art, because her talent is hard to beat. In her new Cloud Lamps, she creates lovely, peaceful dreams from paper, and she even makes them accessible to us.

Dreams and happy surprises are what Chinese women have expressed through the centuries in their paper cuttings that were used to decorate the walls of their homes. The Cloud Lamps that Fu creates tell stories about beautiful dreams; dreams of nature, of travel, of intimacy... The stories are told three dimensionally, not only in the sense that the paper shades surround the light, but in each form finely cut and lifted from the flat paper.

Yu Jordy Fu has introduced several exquisitely cut joyful designs to her Cloud Lamps collection. They make it easy to dream, to play, and to fantasize in magical ways.


Happy Cloud Lamp

Happy, shown below from three sides, is Ms. Fu's Christmas present to herself. She says her inspiration was the shopping environment because, for her, Christmas equals Shopping. The scenes of store windows reveal Ms. Fu's architectural bent, plus they are quite detailed and dramatic.




Angels Cloud Lamp

This sensuous flowing design would make any angel want to come and visit. Fu says the Angels Cloud Lamp allows the sky to bend down to your home and your home rise up to the clouds.

















Memory Cloud Lamp

Light makes beautiful memories for Fu, especially with the Memory Cloud Lamp, she has in her bedroom. Flora and fauna together dream together in lovely harmony. The Memory Lamp looks great hung upside down too!



Here, the Memory Cloud Lamp is lit with small LED lights, an option you can order with any of Ms. Fu's lamps. Now looking at the Memory Cloud from the opposite side, you can see the hilly trail behind the trees and a family observing the beauty around them. LED lights are in two of the Angels lamps, above.




Prague Cloud Lamp

Inspired by the rooftops of Prague, Yu Jordy Fu created a designs from glimpses of buildings and farmhouses and castles and churches... the sights we remember from our travels. What an impression!



Grandpa Cloud Lamp

The silhouettes of lovers and the shadows of the leaves made by moonlight passing around them in the night, Fu made the Grandpa Cloud Lamp for sweethearts afraid of the dark. All is well.


Bedtime Story Lamp Shade

The soft glow of a paper cut shade hanging from the ceiling casting crazy shadows around the room makes a great story-telling atmosphere. The abstract designs of the Bedtime Story Lamp Shade should let your own imagination run wild.



Most of Ms. Fu's Cloud Lamps can be used as hanging, standing, or table lamps.




Visit Jordy Fu's Cloud Lamp site to shop or just to see further details in her designs. Then visit Ms. Fu's home site so that you can see the range of designs she's created.

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