If You'd Like To Control Your Phone, Then You Should Put A Ring On It

Did you ever think that one day, you could be controlling your mobile phone with a simple twist of that silver band on your finger? We didn't either but a recent study conducted by Nokia explored this technology and was concluded with pretty positive results.

Smartphones nowadays can pretty much do anything you want them to: surf the net, access your email, run some apps, take photos and videos, as well as the basic phone functions like calling and texting. Now here's an interesting study that will take that functionality by adding a whole lot of convenience because now you can use your smartphone without even taking it out of your purse or pocket!

The study cites situations wherein it would inappropriate or impolite to whisk out your phone, such as when you're still in a business meeting, or when you've literally got your hands fun, such as when you're paying at the grocery store register. Nokia's solution, dubbed as Nenya, comes in the form of a ring and a companion bracelet.

The key to this entire thing is, of course, the ring. And it's not just any ring, because it's actually mounted with a magnet that emits a magnetic field. By twisting and moving the ring on your finger around, you effectively change the orientation of the magnetic field around it.

The changes to the magnetic field are then detected by the bracelet worn by the user, which is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The actions that can be performed by just using the ring is limited, obviously, and sending SMS or typing emails are obviously out of the question.

After user testing, Nokia found that most people are able to position the ring in increments of 45 degrees, which means that a total of eight functions can be programmed without running into much difficulty in terms of usability. After twisting the ring to the desired function, the user simply has to slide Nenya along the finger and it's done.

What do you think about Nenya?

Does it sound like a good idea or is it something that you think is absolutely ridiculous?

Source: Nokia