If You're Going Green This Christmas, Think About Metal

The guilt goes on year after year. Do you buy a real tree or bring the plastic one down from the attic.  Hmm.  That plastic one is so tacky and it's not like it fools anyone.  Why pretend?  Michelle Weingeist has solved the problem elegantly with the sustainable aluminum spiral Christmas tree she named Tannenboing, that doesn't pretend to be a real tree.


Tannenboing sustainable Christmas tree: © Tannenboing, LLCTannenboing sustainable Christmas tree: © Tannenboing, LLC


Tannenboing: © Tannenboing, LLCTannenboing: © Tannenboing, LLC


The Tannenboing lends itself to so many decoration ideas...: © Tannenboing, LLCThe Tannenboing lends itself to so many decoration ideas...: © Tannenboing, LLC


Tannenboing is a good 6 feet high - and you can order one up to 9 feet.  If your ceiling is higher, you can purchase an installation kit  that contains cables, hook, and screw to hang the tree from the ceiling.

You can use all your traditional decorations on the Tannenboing, or you can buy some special ones that match its minimalist form.  The tree has preformed holes for hanging decorations.  But, throughout the Tannenboing you can weave lights, garland, ribbon and other decorations.

Of course, you can store the Tannenboing when the season is over... but why?  With proper attire, it can be a tree for all seasons.


Steve Levenstein sent me this tip! Thanks, Steve.


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