iGlo LEDs Wirelessly Light Up Your Life

Sure, there are rope LED lights and there are iPhones, iPads and iPods. But what if you mixed them together and gave said mobile devices the ability to wirelessly control those LED lights? Well, then you'd have the iGlo LED set from MEA Mobile, and you'd be one cool guy.

The idea is fairly straightforward - take a 5 meter flexible LED strip with 120 full color lights, throw in a wireless controller hub and a power supply, and then make it able to change not only colors and brightness but pulse out a number of pre-set patterns. The result is a crazy discotheque for your home or car, all at the fingertip control of your favorite wireless device.

Using a free app downloaded via iTunes, consumers can use their iPhone, Pad, or Touch to adjust almost any property of the light strip - from color and tone to speed and pattern. The app comes pre-loaded with hundreds of sequences, and users can also create and save their own for amusement.

It is also possible to segment the strip into eight different sections, each of which can pulse with its own color and beat. The lights can be chained together to create strips up to 15 meters long that are all controllable through one mobile device. In addition, a single app can control up to eight separate strips at the same time, in real time.


Sure, the iGlo LED set has kind of a "drunken college dorm" feel to it, or maybe a "past its prime nightclub" vibe, but the melding of wireless and LED technology is interesting, and while all of the videos we've seen show the lights pulsing away at full speed and sear-your-face-off brightness, we're sure there are options for more calming lighting choices.

The iGLO LED set costs $299 US and is available here.

Source:  MEA 

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