Iiamo Go Self-Heating Feeding Bottles - This is One Hot Bottle!

When a baby is hungry, nothing is more frustrating than waiting and waiting for the formula to heat up to just the perfect temperature. Gone are the days, and nights, of burnt wrists and worn-out parents. The Iiamo Go Self-Heating Baby Bottle is a parent's dream-come-true. Touted as being the first of its kind, this mobile bottle that can be taken anywhere, actually heats itself!

Iiamo GoIiamo Go

The self-heating bottle heats itself in just four minutes and is lead, Phthalates, BPA and PVC free. And better yet, there is no need for expensive batteries or electricity. Organic cartridges actually heat the bottle. So what's in the cartridge, you ask? Salt and water- that's it!


Karim Rashid, a designer for Prada and Ralph Lauren, created the unique design. The Iiamo Go Self-Heating bottles are available in two colors, green/blue and white/pink. Made in Scandinavia, the product is sold with one self-heating bottle, one heating cartridge and one nipple. Additional cartridges are available and sold in packs of six.

 Iiamo GoIiamo Go

So say bye-bye to those old plastic bottles and long nights and hello to Iiamo Go!  I just have one question - where on earth was this bottle when my kids were little? You can get the liamo Go Self-Heating Feeding Bottle here.

Source and Photos:  Iiamo


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