IKEA Finally Brought To Nashville With ModerNash’s Convenient Delivery

ModerNash creates a smart business idea, by using someone else's to make their own. IKEA, inarguably, is one of the most popular, affordable furniture distributors around the globe. But, because locations are lacking in some regions of the United States, ModerNash offers a delivery service of their products, with no actual partnership with the company.
















IKEA ships practically everywhere, and ModerNash knows it, but it charges an arm and a leg when there's no store nearby. So, instead they created an affordable, alternative option for people in the Nashville, Tennessee area who have yet to be graced by the presence of the big box blue and yellow.













The process is simple, you create a wish list, and the guys from ModerNash hit the road to the closest IKEA in Atlanta, Georgia and buy the items you've asked for (provided they're in stock). Then, once they've returned to the city, they can have the items shipped to your home, let you pick them up from their local warehouse yourself, or deliver them in person; also offering an assembly service so you don't have to struggle with the allen key.











I like ModerNash for two major reasons. For every trek they may to IKEA (about weekly) they save an acre of rainforest through donations to Conservation International. And each page of their website is witty and entertaining, which offsets my own sarcasm when it's already done for me.

It's also great to see a business that handles one of life's most challenging experiences; locating and purchasing your desired items in the maze that calls itself IKEA. AND while sparing you the frustration of attempting to secure your purchases to your roof rack, only to watch them slowly dislodge themselves as you inch your way along the highway home.

ModerNash may be an easy business idea, but it works. If there's a better formula for success, I challenge you to find it.