"I'll Take the Stealth Spray Paint Please"

Stealth technology is easily in the top 3 most important technological breakthroughs of the century. Without it, countless more lives would have been lost over the years. Recently, Werner Nickel, a German Inventor and scientist, took the design a step farther by making the same technology available in paint form.

Stealth: No obtuse corners or crazy anglesStealth: No obtuse corners or crazy angles

The basic idea behind Stealth technology is that any electromagnetic waves that strike the surface of an object are either absorbed or scattered without returning to the source. Normally such materials are expensive and difficult to produce. Not to mention the design parameters are very strict. Nickel's paint, called AR-1, achieves the same results but with substantially less work. Amazingly, he managed to create his miracle paint without a fully equipped laboratory. He was working on another project out in the field and when it was discontinued, he decided something even larger was in store. I don't think the same fate is in store for his more recent innovation.

The applications for such a thing are obvious. The paint is not restricted to jets and bombers though. It can be applied to buildings, land vehicles and almost anything else you can think of. It also caught the attention of more than a few countries. Several have made him offers that are nothing short of impressive for the technology. However, as production methods improves, the paint is becoming more of a luxury rather than a necessity. I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities in the civilian market though.

Smaller Cross-Section means less chance of detection.Smaller Cross-Section means less chance of detection.

One thing I do need to mention however, this is intended to work with long range radar only. If you paint you car with this and try speeding through a radar trap, the only consolation prize you will get is a nice little piece of paper that could really cost you.

Source : Spiegel

May 3, 2008
by Anonymous


Without it, countless more lives would have been lost over the years.

What a strange statement. Surely you mean "Without it, countless more American lives would have been lost over the years." Surely the success of the F-117 during Desert Storm resulted in far more Iraqi casualties than would otherwise have been suffered.

I understand what you mean, but it comes off as a rather narrow viewpoint to have.

May 3, 2008
by George Delozier

Very True

I was actually looking at it from the standpoint of the pilots themselves, regardless of nationality, but you have an excellent point. If I offended anyone, I apologize.

George Delozier
Motorized Innovations

May 4, 2008
by Anonymous

Are you kidding?

Let's see, an article about stealth paint on a bomber. A mention of saving lives. Do you think *maybe* possibly that he meant the pilots' lives? Look at the context man! No bomber saves the lives of people on the business end.

You PC people are amazingly obtuse sometimes.

Jan 7, 2009
by Anonymous


Where did the people PC people thing come from?

Jan 7, 2009
by Anonymous


What a narrow minded f***