It's Not Science Fiction. It's IlluMask, The First Light Therapy Mask

This isn't science fiction. The future of acne and age fighting is here; just head towards the light.

I was walking through Ulta the other day, and out of the corner of my eye, a storm trooper helmet shined in a display. I ran to it, thinking 'Yes, I wanna shoot a laser gun and be on the dark side!" To my surprise, it was a white mask called illuMask, meant to fight aging and acne. IlluMask is the world's first light therapy mask. It may not be a Star Wars prop, but this innovative gadget is as futuristic as it gets.

IlluMask works using phototherapy to fight either acne or aging. Small blue and red LED lights line the inside of the anti-acne mask and shine on your face to kill bacteria that cause painful zits and pimples. The anti-aging mask contains red and infrared LEDs to fight wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, and firm up your face. No more messy creams or peels. Over 90% of users for both masks saw improvement in their skin. The mask is easy to wear, so feel free to relax for a few minutes or tidy the house. One reviewer rides her exercise bike while wearing illuMask. It's also much cheaper than having light treatments at a dermatologist's office. At $29.99, this product fits into almost any budget. IlluMask may seem like a weird science fiction doohicky, but I don't mind, as long as it works. 

Of course, with the good, there's always a little bit of bad. IlluMask has a counter, and after thirty uses, you need to buy a new one. Some users provide information on how to reset the counter, but, according the illuMask's website, the lights lose intensity. The masks are less effective. Since the mask should be used once a day, you would have to purchase one every month. Also, the mask doesn't reach the back of the chin or neck. You may still break out along your jaw line, and you'll still see those fine lines and wrinkles on your neck. Lastly, you won't see immediate results. Light therapy takes time. IlluMask conducted their tests over eight week periods, which means you need to invest time (and possibley money) into this product. Some users saw results after a month. With others, it took two or three months.

 At the end of the day, I'd be willing to give this a shot. I encourage reading more about the mask before buying it, understanding that one mask might not cut it. The illuMask seems to be straight out of science fiction, but really it's more science than fiction. Customers seem happy with it. Plus, it would look awesome to wear into a Jedi fight. 

If you want a beauty product that looks like it's straight from science fiction, you can purchase the illuMask on Amazon or at Ulta

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