Illuminated "Bright Night" Umbrella Lights The Way, Keeps You Dry

It was a dark and stormy night... but thanks to the “Bright Night” illuminated umbrella, you'll stay much safer not to mention drier! Made by Japan's Century company, this innovative bumbershoot was designed with the safety concerns of women and children in mind.

A cool-running, high-output 6v krypton bulb mounted just beneath the open umbrella's highest point can burn for 3 continuous hours, and it's powered by four AA batteries (sold separately) that mount inside the handle.

An ON/OF slider switch is conveniently mounted on the grip. Under normal conditions, the illuminated umbrella will light up objects within 180cm (6 feet) of the user: perfect for pinpointing door locks and revealing otherwise unseen stairways. On the flipside, the softly glowing umbrella can be seen from up to 30m (95 feet) away.

The umbrella's handle and ribs are made from light and sturdy polycarbonate designed for optimum impact resistance, heat resistance and flame retardancy. The umbrella fabric has been treated with a special water-repellent coating and comes in five different color/pattern combinations plus a special "StrideLite" color scheme for children.

The “Bright Night” illuminated umbrella weighs 460 grams (about one pound) and is available in two sizes: 1,000mm wide × 910mm (40 by 36.4 inches) for adults and a slightly smaller 920 wide × 810mm (36.8 by 32.4 inches) version for children.

Both sizes are priced equally at 3,980 yen (about $40) each. No-cost accessories include a replacement 6v krypton bulb and a custom fitted carrying/storage case with an integral shoulder strap. (via Impress Watch and Sirobako)