I'm Glovin' It! Japanese Rubber Glove Vending Machines

Looking for gloves in all the wrong places? These Japanese rubber glove vending machines are a godsend for those washing dishes, conducting cavity searches or dating Greg Marmalard after all the shops have closed.

Now there's a price to be paid... the gloves retail for 600 yen or about $4.85 per pair, plus whatever shame and embarrassment one might feel should a colleague, classmate or relative espy you making a midnight deal with the devil(ish) machine.

For reasons we hesitate to speculate, there are evidently a number of these ATOM-brand rubber glove vending machines situated here and there in Japan. One stands proudly in the town of Natori, or at least it did – the image dates from 2007 and Natori was virtually wiped out by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. No telling whether the rubber glove machine survived or was replaced.

Another rather weatherbeaten rubber glove vending machine stands near the entrance of a store located at the Matsumoto Sinchon intersection just off the Chuo Expressway's Nagano line. The gloves are cheaper here – only 500 yen ($4.05) per pair.

According to the info on the machine's facade, the applications of such gloves are for “transportation, rebar construction, civil engineering and construction, farming, sacks handling.” Someone alert Mandy Pepperidge, stat!