I'm Here: A Love Story In An Absolut World

Absolut Vodka and Spike Jonez have teamed up to bring you a bizzare but charming story of a family with what looks like desktop PCs for heads.  If you think sound weird, just wait until you watch the trailer.  This site is a nicely done, interactive promotion for the movie, and if this site is any indication, it will be quite the story.

When you first start the site, you're in front of a movie theatre that is featuring Spike Jonez's creation, and a soft alternative rock tune welcomes you as you walk up to the ticket box.  There you will find a small monitor that will give you all the information about the movie that you're looking for, including cast information, a trailer, and what the general purpose of the film is.

As it turns out, I'm Here is meant to be a 30-minute short that will premier on this very website.  According to the site's 'about' section, the movie is  "a love story about the relationship between two robots living in L.A."  That doesn't explain the strange animals sitting in the couple's living room in the trailer, but okay.  It's Spike Jonez, so I'm sure it will turn out as something to talk about, if nothing else.

What's cool about I'm Here as a website is that it is really smooth and seamless in terms of design.  Nothing on the site even hiccups, the music is looped pretty well (you probably won't notice when the song first ends and begins again) and all the features draw the viewer into this odd experience pretty effectively.  Go have a look for yourself, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Oct 11, 2010
by Anonymous