ImagiPlanks: Outdoor Wooden Building Sets With Endless Possibilities

I recently told you about 7 Rainy Day Indoor Forts Perfect For Any Day. Now I want to introduce you to ImagiPlanks, wooden building sets made from American Hardwood and treated with a non-toxic, non-flaking environmentally friendly finish. These open-ended building sets are part block, part puzzle and perfect for young builders to take their imaginations outside. Think giant Lincoln Logs. ImagiPlanks can be made into forts, towers, see-saws, benches and so much more.

ImagiPlanks were created by Scott Moore, a dad who came up with the idea after seeing his kids playing with scrap wood leftover from the playhouse he had made for them. He quickly realized kids love the process of building their own structures as much as they love playing in them. As an alternative to scrap wood, hammer and nails, Moore uses sustainably-harvested wood that can be stacked, slipped, and locked into place without the use of tools. And they are strong enough to withstand climbing.

There seems to be a movement for parents to give their kids the type of summers they had as kids. The ones that had less screen time, fewer coordinated playdates, and little supervised play. The ones where we played outside all day with other neighborhood kids and caught lightning bugs at night during the last rounds of hide and seek. My favorite memories as a kid didn’t include my parents. They included exploring a nearby creek and drinking from the hose after a hard fought game of kickball.

I got dirty, and I played hard enough to earn a few cuts and bruises. As a parent to three young kids, I don’t play as much as I would like to, but as my kids get a little older, I am getting back to it. And now that it’s warm enough to be outside most of the day, we are.

This movement is being emphasized by the growing number of natural playgrounds, manmade landscapes that double as hands-on and safe nature parks that allow children to explore and play the way they would in the woods or on a nature walk.

Here are two detailed articles on why natural playgrounds and a movement to get back to nature are good for your child: The Benefits of Nature Playgrounds and Playgrounds With Natural Elements Offer More Benefits For Children Than Traditional Parks. Each highlights the importance of getting your kid outside to play, to get dirty and explore nature.

I know everyone does not have access to a natural playground. But adding ImagiPlanks to the backyard or a traditional playground is a great step toward incorporating more hands-on, creative play.

I’m a big believer in play and examination. I learn by doing, and if the doing is fun, I want to learn more. I like a challenge too. Figuring something out on my own is incredibly satisfying, especially in our self-indulgent, instant gratification world. That’s why I love to see my three-year-old daughter figure something out on her own. It can be painful to watch her struggle, but giving her the confidence and opportunity to learn through play can keep her from fearing failure.

Kids are curious and way more capable than we give them credit for. If that curiosity is encouraged, a child will gain the confidence to do anything. And when the stakes are small, mistakes and failures are learning opportunities and not detriments to success.

Natural playgrounds and ImagiPlanks may not turn your child into the next Steve Jobs, but they might give your kids the tools they need to become fearless inventors and pioneers. ImagiPlanks can be purchased as a 10 piece Starter Set, a 20 piece Construction Set, or a 30 piece Master Builder Set. Some assembly is required before the real building can be begin but assembly hardware and detailed instructions are included in each kit.

ImagiPlanks are more than building sets. They are an opportunity to get your child outside, back to nature, and back to the endless days of exploring and play.

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