Immortality Industry: Secure Storage For Memories and DNA

Believe it or not, there's an industry being built on our quest for immortality, and one bank is preserving lives with the security of a Swiss bank.

Swiss DNA BankSwiss DNA Bank

The Swiss DNA Bank has been built in the former home of a Swiss nuclear shelter. Here, people can securely store their DNA (typically cheek swabs), which can help future generation trace their lineage and identify their heirs. To leave a little piece of history, today's families can leave their DNA along with 1G of data worth of memories which can help leave a connection to the past. The cost to store DNA and memories today at The Swiss DNA Bank is $399 USD, and future generations can retrieve and gain access to their history for $69.

The Swiss Bank might not be a solution to mortality, but it can help ensure that our memories and history remain immortal, and this is a growing industry from which we'll certainly see more businesses arise.


Via: Springwise

Sep 16, 2009
by Anonymous

Can expand to these areas Too

They can house these Mtn Data Storage sites in these areas:

CO Rockies
Sierra Nev Range
Great Smokey Mtns
Yukon Range, Canada
No India
No China
No Russia
Sweden-Norway alone: could house 100 centers EZ
E Oregon
Applachia Mtns, Eastern US
Grand Teton Range.
Near Yosemite Natl Park.

All vaible for mining & drilling to house for immense Data storage sites.

Make this worldwide alone