Immupure Uses Mothers' Milk To Reduce The Signs Of Aging

Many new mothers, even those who do not intend to breastfeed for the long haul, do stick it out for the first few weeks just to make sure that their babies receive that first milk known as colostrum.  This super-food is rich in antibodies and other nutrients to help protect and nourish the newborn baby.  With all of its internal benefits I guess it should not come as any surprise that someone has come up with the idea of using it on our skin.

Immupure is an anti-aging product that contains, among other things, colostrum obtained from cows that are nursing new baby calves.  The product is meant to be used twice a day and is said to have extraordinary benefits to the skin including reducing fine lines, tightening skin, boosting collagen up to 400 percent, gently exfoliating, reducing sun damage and scars, improving elasticity and perking up skin tone.  

The cows used for the colostrum are reportedly steroid-free and, don’t worry, they get to feed their calves before providing the essential ingredient for the product.


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