The iMote Gives Preschoolers A Real Remote Of Their Own


Much to parents’ dismay, most little kids love electronics.  The worst part is that somehow they seem to know the difference between the toy versions of their favorite household gadgets and the real thing.  Many a new parent has had the clever idea of buying their tot a toy cell phone or remote control only to find that the child plays with it for a couple of seconds and then tosses it aside for the real thing.  The real remote ends up broken, lost or horribly beaten up.



The iMote was created to take the pressure off of your remote and give little kids a real working remote of their own.  This remote allows parents to program in their preschooler’s five favorite kid channels; the system also comes with 100 kid-friendly channel stickers so that you can clearly indicate which button is for each.  In addition to the channel buttons, the remote also includes power and volume buttons. 



To top things off, the iMote has been thoroughly tested and is safe to be chewed on which may not be a feature that you normally look for in a remote, but in this case is likely warranted.  


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