Impact Vests For Skiing Or Snowboarding That Could Save Your Life

 Smart Ski Airbag Vest by In&motion: Protection for skiers and snowboardersSmart Ski Airbag Vest by In&motion: Protection for skiers and snowboarders


Outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding are a lot of fun but not without their dangers. All too often you hear about someone who has ended up launched into a tree that has ended more than just a good time. Deaths and life-altering injuries from these activities are all too common, but now somebody has come up with a vest you can wear to cushion you from what might otherwise be a fatal impact.

Impact Vests for Sports

The Smart Ski Airbag Vest was invented for racers on the slopes to protect them from the intense pummeling they can take while racing headlong at breakneck speeds, should they crash. So far it’s been reserved for professional skiers, but come July of 2016 it will be in stores carrying outdoor wear and available to the public at large. In&motion, headquartered in the French Alps, are the intelligent protection technology folks behind it. On their website they state that testing of the device has shown that energy absorption capacity is 4x greater than standard dorsal protection gear in compliance with current regulations.

Smart Technology

The vest measures the skier’s movements and purportedly “detects unavoidable falls and inflates in less than 100 milliseconds in order to protect the most sensitive areas before the impact with the ground.” Additionally, the smart vests provide data to the skiers to help them understand their movements in conjunction with the fall and boosts detection to provide better protection for the next go around. From the neck to the waist they resemble wet gear for surfers with hip protection, but when they activate and inflate they’re like something you’d see worn by actors and stuntmen on the set of an action movie.

Life-Saving Devices

Unlike life vests that look bulky and relatively awkward, they’re actually pretty cool and look lightweight and comfy. They look like the kind of après ski apparel you could be seen lounging around the fire pit at the lodge in sipping toddies after a long day on the slopes. Not that you’d want to, because at this point they’re accompanied by a pretty hefty price tag of $1,200 — which is really not that bad when you consider it’s sporting equipment for protection and not glamour wear solely for looks. Ski wear in general is not cheap, and the rich and famous probably drop that and more on their fashionable ski togs with no protective features whatsoever.

Accolades & Approval Within the Industry

So far, the Smart Ski Airbag Vests have received approval from within the industry by the International Ski Federation in Alpine Skiing and Ski Cross as well as by the National Ski Federations. The first brand partner, POC, wrote, “Innovative and specialised in protective equipment for sports, the Swedish manufacturer POC is the first to integrate this revolutionary technology in its range of products. A first partnership for In&motion, which is set to become the leading partner for embedded intelligent protection solutions.” For more information regarding this innovative protective wear for snow sports, visit In&motion’s website.