Impossible: Folding Electric Bike Small Enough To Fit Into A Backpack

Impossible: Folding Electric BikeImpossible: Folding Electric Bike

There are plenty of foldable bikes on the market. There are plenty of electric bikes. There are a few foldable, electric bikes, but there are no foldable, electric bikes small enough to fit into a backpack...until now. The Impossible is the first, and it is very close to hitting the market.

The designers of this one of a kind bike didn't want to create just another folding bike. They wanted something a little more ambitious--a bike that could fit into a backpack and would be light enough to carry anywhere. Initially, this presented problems, because a that sort of small and light frame would have trouble holding a rider.

The Impossible FoldedThe Impossible Folded

However, they solved this problem by designing a frame built around circles. This design ensures that weight is spread evenly across the frame. The Impossible can carry up to 180 pounds on the current frame, and its designers are working on a frame that can carry more. 

Folded, the Impossible can fit into your backpack, in your car, under your desk or in a small box under a tastefully decorated tree. This makes it perfect for the urban dweller--no more chaining the bike outside in the rain or not having a place to chain it at all. 

The Impossible can travel up to 12.4 mph. At this top speed, its battery will last about 45 minutes. At normal speeds, the bike can travel as far as 15.6 miles on a single charge, and it takes about an hour and a half to charge the Impossible's motor fully. 

The Impossible is the commuter's bike of the future and its almost on the market now. Impossible Technology is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds so that they can start mass production of the Impossible. You can check out the video below for more on the Impossible or visit their Kickstarter page