Impossible Instant Lab Turns Your iPhone Into A Polaroid Camera

Technology is great—until it doesn’t work. Or until it doesn’t work for me. I love to capture moments of my day and events with my children, but then the images of those moments seem to live forever in my smart phone or digital camera. I have almost 3,000 photos on my phone, and while half of those may not be worth printing, there are certainly some pictures I wish I had on display. Yet, I have printed a very, very, very low percentage of them. I simply haven’t taken the time to select the ones worth printing and then turned them into tangible, color images. Impossible is making it possible to get my favorite moments onto paper instantly with their Impossible Instant Lab.

Something is lost in the instant gratification of digital photography. While we get to see our images the moment we take them, it takes more effort to see and hold them anywhere besides our devices. At least for me. I am a mom of three children under the age of four. I don’t have the time to weed through photos and have them printed or made into a photo book. I know there are apps and services to do this easily, but I just don’t have the time right now. I move on to the next photo worthy moment and add another file to my camera roll.

Impossible loves instant photography, so much so that they bought the last Polaroid factory to preserve the nostalgia of instant film. Weighing a little more than two pounds and fully collapsible, Instant Lab can go anywhere you go. To print pictures from your iPhone, you will need a few things first, including the Impossible Project app and instant film. The Impossible Project app lets you edit, crop, and set exposure times before printing onto your choice of 33 different color and black and white film created just for Instant Lab.

Once you are ready to print, simply place your iPhone in the top cradle and slide open the shutter on the bottom of the base. A signal will let you know when the exposure—which is done with the light from your phone’s display—is finished. Close the shutter, tap a button, and catch your photo as it leaves your phone and develops in your hand.

Impossible is giving us the ability to turn our handheld smart phone photos into instant handheld photos. Using their Instant Lab and your iPhone, you can have a photo ready in seconds to stick on the fridge or onto a cork board. My daughter constantly wants to look at photos on my phone, and is always asking me to put certain ones in her room—usually her goofy selfies. Instant Lab can make this happen by mixing the beauty and joy of photography with our world of impatience.

Using instant photography and technology as old as the Polaroid camera and as new as the iPhone, timeless images can be produced in no time at all with Impossible Instant Lab.


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