Impress The Family With Amazing Pancake Pen Creations


Pancakes make a great winter morning breakfast.  They are warm and comforting and you can smother them in whatever toppings you like.  Who doesn’t love these things?  Kids are particularly fond of pancakes, especially when they come in fun shapes.  Until now it took some special talent to create shaped pancakes, but with the Pancake Pen things may be a lot easier.



The Pancake Pen by Tovolo allows you to mix and accurately dispense batter in one convenient container.  There are measurements on the side of the bottle, so you can dump your ingredients in and then just shake.  The pen gives you the opportunity to precisely create pancake masterpieces.  With a silicone tip that resists heat up to 600 degrees F, you can really get right in there with your batter.  If you are a traditionalist, the pen reportedly creates perfectly round pancakes too.



The Pancake Pen holds three cups of batter at a time and can also be used to fill muffin and cupcake pans without the mess.  This looks like a fun and inexpensive kitchen gadget.  Pick up your own Pancake Pen here

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