Improve Balance And Core Strength With Drift

Drift Balance BoardDrift Balance Board

If your fitness routine is getting old and you're looking for some variety, or if you want to improve your core strength and stability, you may want to look into the Drift Balance Board. This unique piece of fitness equipment was designed to strengthen the core and improve balance. 


Core strength and balance are important parts of overall fitness and strength. The Drift Balance Board accurately simulates a variety of sports that incorporate balance, like surfing and skiing. By doing exercises on Drift, you not only improve balance and core strength, you work your lower body and burn calories. 

Balancing on DriftBalancing on Drift

While this product is great for it's specific purpose, it's not something that's going to shed tons of pounds. It is however a wonderful physical therapy piece of equipment, especially for those with knee, ankle and spinal troubles. It is also very beneficial to older adults, who are prone to falls, helping to improve their functional fitness. If you're one of those older adults, someone looking for some physical therapy or just looking for variety in your fitness routine, you can pick up a Drift Balance Board for about $75 on Amazon

Source: Quirky Drift Balance Board

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