Improve Your Vertical With The PER4M Jump Trainer

PER4M Jump TrainerPER4M Jump Trainer

Athletes, do you want to add a couple of inches to your vertical? Dunk over that defender in the paint? Out jump the offense and break up a touchdown pass? The PER4M Jump Trainer may just be the piece of equipment you need to get those inches on your vertical and improve your game.

A few weeks ago, I profiled the Pro Power Jumper--a plyometric training system that is used to improve athletes' vertical and explosive power. The Power Jumper is a great system for doing just what it aims to do, but it's fairly expensive at $450. The PER4M Jump Trainer offers the same sort of system, but at a fraction of that cost.

PER4M Jump Trainer KitPER4M Jump Trainer Kit

At $40-50, the PER4M Jump Trainer comes with 4 quick release power tubes, an adjustable belt, 2 ankle straps and 10 drill cards. Unlike the Pro Jumper, in which you basically strap yourself to a board with resistance tubing, the Jump Trainer adds resistance by connecting tubing from your waist to your ankles, making it harder to straighten your legs at the knee. Not being strapped to a board means that you can wear the Jump Trainer during exercises like sprints to add more resistance, not just when jumping.

Using the PER4M Jump Trainer and doing the drills recommended on the drill cards will not only improve your vertical, but it will make you more explosive. This sort of equipment focuses on improving muscle contraction, which also aids in strength and quickness. It is a great tool for athletes in sports like basketball and football, and its affordability and accessibility (you can order the product from Amazon and find it in a few different stores) make it ideal for athletes at any level. 

Source: PER4M

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