Improve Your eBay Sales With Portable Photo Studios

Chances are that if you shop online at eBay or other auction sites, you won't bid on poorly displayed items. I won't even open the listing if I see a bad photo. But you also know it can be very time consuming to set up a decent shot of the items you sell. Well, you don't have to go to a photo studio to improve your product shots; you can purchase your own fold-out and fold-up portable photo studio at very reasonable prices.

Hammacher Schlemmer carries Foldable Photo Studios in three sizes. Each studio sets up with a white cube, where you place the object to be photographed. You get two backdrops to choose from, light and dark, a compact light box with an integrated diffuser screen, a tripod, and two high-output lights with adjustable, retractable legs. The set folds up for storage and becomes its own carrying case with a handle.


The 16" Desktop Photo Studio

This size is great for photographic jewelry, collectibles or other small products. A small(ish) handbag is shown in the photo below so you can get an idea of how your sellables would fit. The 16 Inch Desktop Photo Studio sells for $79.95.





The 20" Tabletop Photo Studio

The Tabletop gives you an extra 4 square inches of room which makes it large enough to photograph clothing, electronics, shoes, large purses and small to medium appliances. The 20" Photo Studio sells for $99.95.





The 40" Foldable Photo Studio

This super-duper version of the Photo Studio comes with four back drops, and proportionately larger lighting equipment and tripod, the 40" Foldable Photo Studio sells for $199.95 and comes with a separate carrying case.




If you are a consistent seller on eBay or other auction sites, these portable Foldable Photo Studios will professionalize your displays and pay for themselves over time. If you are not satisfied with your Photo Studio, you can return it to Hammacher Schlemmer which has a lifetime guarantee on everything it sells.




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