Hate Missing Great Videos? Better Video Tagging Coming Soon

If you are one of the millions of people who enjoy visiting You Tube, or another video sharing site online then you know what often users do not accuratly tag their videos. Some people mistag accidentally, and some do it intentionally to get more hits.

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Either way to a viewer this can be annoying. No one wants to see cooking videos when they were looking for video game trailers or vice versa.

Until now there has been little that could be done about it, After all the administrators of these systems will never have the time to go through and manually check the tags on all of the videos on their sites. The time involved would be too much for anything less than a staff of hundreds. Luck for us, we live in the computer age and now we there is a technology out there that will help to automate tagging.

It is called The Tiny Videos system and it was created by Computer Engineering graduate student Alex Karpenko. The system allows extremely large amounts of video data to be compressed and then searched based on content. Essentially, the system can recognize and find duplicate video segments and then properly label them.

Other than easy tagging there are a few other applications for The Tiny Video system. These include:

  • Quickly search for specific content with large video collections, it can quickly identify videos that violate copyright infringement and alert copyright holders.
  • Help users find similar or related coverage. For example, the system could help them identify coverage of the same political event that was aired on CNN, the BBC and CBC.
The system has already been tested on a large scale. It was tested using a massive sample of 50,000 videos. The creator of the system is very excited about the potential of The Tiny Video System. "This system is extremely beneficial for users because it can help them quickly and easily find the specific videos they're looking for," says Karpenko. "It's also useful for copyright holders because it can identify video clips that violate copyright laws."


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Dec 14, 2008
by Anonymous

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