In-Box Cutter Blues - The Other Side Of Inventing

From a trio of designers comes the in-box Box Cutter concept - a great idea that probably isn't going to cut it.

We use a variety of sources for our gadgetry and technology posting, most of which are extremely positive about the inventions they feature and rightly so - inventing is hard work and anyone who takes up the challenge deserves to be recognized for their willingness to step into what is an extremely competitive arena.

But despite the brilliant minds and clever re-imaginings of common products that many of these art and design gurus do, the sheer number of ideas out there means that every once in a while, one is going to miss the mark.

So it is with the in-box Box Cutter design, which seems like a superb idea at first glance and a not so hot one after that. The concept is simple - add a small Box Cutter attachment to every shipping box that would come as a part of the box itself and be easily removed by the customer upon receipt. Rather than having to search desperately through their junk drawers for a working box cutter or co-opt scissors or a knife for the purpose, the customer could simply pop out the Box Cutter and be on their way to their product. No muss, no fuss - easy. Right?

In-box Box Cutter: neat concept, bad idea.In-box Box Cutter: neat concept, bad idea. 

Not so much.

Sure, the concept is sound, but think of the implications. Essentially, these boxes would be getting small, easily detachable weapons grafted on to them, something that mailmen and TSA officers everywhere would have a problem with.

The Box Cutter is small, but that simply makes it easier to hide, and a sharp blade can be deadly no matter the size. Add to this the fact that children could easily access the Cutter and...yeah...great concept, but probably shouldn't have gotten through the design stage.

Again, all credit here goes to inventors. Products that don't work have to be designed in order to create ones that do, but the Box Cutter most certainly falls into the former category.

Source: Yanko Design 

Jan 21, 2011
by Anonymous


You cant be that afraid of a little blade. My keys are scarier than that thing. Wus.

Jan 21, 2011
by Anonymous


I've already seen a type of cardboard carton that has a "pull strip" (like a padded mailer) across the middle of the top, and the top is glued on like a cap and has perforations on the corners, so you just tear it off in two pieces. No tools needed.

Jan 22, 2011
by Anonymous

wasted blade

just stick a small nail in the corrugations and presto a sharp edge that is ready to tacle the packing tape with gusto! and it probably pass TSA regs too!