Income Boosting Businesses Help You Sell Your Junk

Selling things you don't need can be a great way to boost your income when times get hard during this economic downturn. These businesses may not have been created with the recession in mind, but their unique existence sure comes in handy at a time like this. Read on and learn about how you can turn items lying around your household into money in your pocket.

Pawnbrokers are the stereotypical way to overcome hard times according to many popular TV shows, especially those like Law & Order that frequently find their cast investigating stolen items that turn up in these stores. While I'm sure Borro, the first online pawnbroker website in the UK doesn't encourage its users in thievery for their money making ventures, it's a great way to hock any items you just don't need.













Like more generic pawnbroker businesses, Borro holds your valuables hostage as collateral for the cash loan they provide you. Their 3 month loan periods aren't offered for free of course, so interest is accrued. However, rates are comparatively reasonable and can be reviewed on their website. Their loans range from 100 to 1,000 GBP in exchange for watches, jewelry, luxury cars, fine art and other memorabilia. They guarantee that once the value of your items have been assessed through the submission of an application form and you have couriered the items to their location, users of their service will receive their loan within 24 to 48 hours.

Of course, since Borro isn't just a loan service but a pawnbroker, the clock runs out after 6 months. At the end of the term, if you haven't paid up your full loan amount and the interest accrued, don't expect to see your cherished items returned. They will however give you any surplus leftover from the sale of the items, once they have taken their cut for their services. However, if you do it right and pay the loan amount within the time allotted, you don't have to worry about your grandmother's necklace ending up on the neck of someone else grandma.

Gazelle is an online service that is both economically and environmentally friendly, because it allows people to sell last year's (last month's, or even yesterday's) electronics for resale to those in need on a gently used upgrade. I know that advertisements of the latest Blackberry might get your mouth watering or eye twitching, but failing to recoup the costs on your current version can make you hesitant to indulge in your electronic fantasies, and wouldn't that just be a travesty? But, knowing that Gazelle's out there to get you some of your money back, while ensuring your poor discarded Blackberry doesn't end up in a landfill would certainly be the encouragement you need, right?












Gazelle will buy your electronics, whether they've been abandoned due to a technological upgrade, or because you feel you could live without them to increase your bank account. On average, Gazelle says they pay $115 USD for the recommerce of electronic goods. Even if you have items that aren't in tip-top shape, they will use the parts to ensure the products are recycled, in order to reach their goal of changing the world one iPod (etcetera) at a time. A green movement that can help protect the average person from the recession makes this business a definite winner.

My Gold Party is a similar business concept; allowing people to sell the valuables that they're willing to part with, in order to put extra cash in their pockets. It's a new spin on the old fashioned Tupperware party, since hosts arrange and enter the homes of willing consumers who want to showcase their items. The host of the party is responsible for testing carat content of the jewelry, coins, or teeth and weighing the items. Party guests are paid in cash for their gold, which is then sold by My Gold Party which is ready to make a profit on the precious metal's high market cost at $1,000 an ounce.

Of course, even without attending a party it is possible to make some money from My Gold Party if you have anything made from gold lying around. The company will buy the gold through the website exchange for cash, however, naturally the payment process is prolonged.

Packrat or not, everyone's got stuff around their home they just don't need, so why not take this opportunity to clean house by using the above businesses innovative service and put your money back where it's needed most right now; in your bank account.