Incontinence Lingerie Hits The Runway: A Brief Synopsis

In the course of our lifetimes, we have all experienced those embarrassing moments when our bladders won't behave and for whatever reason, we can't get home fast enough. This problem can be magnified on the ski slopes where relief is practically impossible. Two former professional alpine ski racers from New Zealand spent three years researching and developing the world's first underwear technology, which is fashionable, functional, washable, shaped to fit any body, absorbent and waterproof.


ConfiTEX Underwear: Source-Jono Parker For ConfiTEXConfiTEX Underwear: Source-Jono Parker For ConfiTEX


The world's first designer incontinence lingerie collection made its debut amid much media controversy at New Zealand Fashion Week in Auckland last month. The Hi-Life collection showcased thirty diverse looks, ranging from daytime wear to evening lingerie to the first G-String ever designed for light incontinence. The show featured both male and female models strutting down the catwalk.

The creators of ConfiTEX

Dr. Mark Davey and Frantisek Rhia-Scott shared a passion for alpine skiing and met on the ski slopes in 2006. They also coached together, but after several years, left the sport for other pursuits. Mark entered the field of urban planning and Frantisek found his calling in fashion design. Still, they remained friends and although their career directions had changed, both were still fascinated with the world of innovative design as it related to athletes and the skiing world.


ConfiTEX Underwear: Source: MediaNetConfiTEX Underwear: Source: MediaNet


They talked to family and friends about their ideas and discovered that many were experiencing bladder problems. From this revelation sprang the idea to create a range of luxury designer washable underwear as an alternative to disposable incontinence products. Despite the constant influx of many specialized, sports-related products, underwear had been left out; that is, until now.

Some special features of this new underwear

ConfiTEX is envioronmentally friendly since it is textile-based and created without plastics or harmful chemicals. This composition lends itself to underwear that is very comfortable as well as being fast-drying, ultra absorbent, fully breathable, hypo-allergenic and as long lasting as normal under-garments.

In the words of co-founder, Frantisek Riha-Scott:
"Our consumers refuse to live in a padded world. Why on earth should they? A bladder behaving badly is no reason for people not to make the most of every day...Our underwear is beautiful, environmentally responsible and made for people with a love of life and adventure."

Dr. Davey told the press:
"People who happen to have incontinence should be able to enjoy their lifestyle, freedom and independance. Our goal is to give those that want it the means to get there, do what they want to do and see who they want to see."


ConfiTEX White Panties: Source: ConfiTEXConfiTEX White Panties: Source: ConfiTEX


The future of ConfiTex

ConfiTEX is a boon to the spirits and lifestyles of the one in four people globally who suffer from incontinence. The designers have bravely attempted to eliminate the negative stigma surrounding this embarassing condition that can strike anyone at any time without warning.

Here's to underwear, now and forever!

Closing thoughts on underwear:
Always wear pretty underwear on account of you just never know. ~ Jill Conner Browne


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