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IncoStress InventionIncoStress Invention

If you've heard anyone say, "I laughed so hard I peed in my pants," it's not just an expression. Most women experience incontinence at some point in their lives, a weakening of urinary control, so that laughter, coughing, a sneeze, lifting, or exercise can be an immediate cause of leakiness. Some even leak while they sleep.

The IncoStress device, invented by a Welsh mother-daughter team, just won 1st Prize at the British Invention Show and it may be the answer for leaky ladies.

As you can see in the diagram from, many physical and physiological factors contribute to the loss of control of urinary function. Various remedies or alleviating actions can be taken, depending upon the cause and prognosis ranging from medications to "Kegel exercises" to reparative surgery.

Fortunately, most "stress incontinence," pressure of the abdomen on the bladder (such as that brought on by laughing or coughing), can be controlled through exercise, specifically Kegel exercises, named for Dr. Arnold Kegel who developed them in 1948. These exercises are more difficult for some to accomplish because the muscles along the bladder and urethral walls are not that easy to identify.

Although vaginal weights and cones have been created to help establish awareness and development of these muscles, they are not designed to be left in the vagina and, even if they are used, most women do not perform Kegel exercises with regularity.

But the IncoStress, a device made of medical grade silicone, is worn like a tampon, and it may be left inside the vagina for up to a month. The structure keeps you from leaking, and it stimulates response of the pelvic wall muscles. This contact and action enables women to locate the appropriate muscles, and they can perform the Kegel exercises at any time. Another beauty of IncoStress is that it does not interfere with normal bladder function, so you don't have to remove it each time you urinate. (It can be removed and replaced at any time, however.)

It took nine years for Gaynor and Carol Morgan to get IncoStress developed, tested, and marketed, largely because of the reluctance of the British medical community to accept its efficacy. Now that it has been shown to be effective through controlled studies, the Morgan's are enjoying the recognition they deserve: their invention just won the Gold Medal in the British Invention Show and is selling throughout Europe and the U.S. IncoStress may be purchased for $50 (US) plus shipping, and is usable for one month.

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Oct 26, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

"Medical grade silicon"

Silicon ≠ silicone. One is a rigid element. The other is a flexible polymer.