Increase Twitter Followers Using Niche Business Sticky Twits

Instead of giving out business cards with phone numbers and emails alone, a new trend is to connect with business associates using various social networking site contact information. Since Twitter seems to be the fastest growing trend for social networking communication, there's one business that's so confident of the popularity of Twitter, they only create materials to help people market their Twitter contacts.

Sticky Twits relies on a long-standing business trend, of advertising businesses and services using a variety of marketing materials. Magnets, pens, stationary and stickers have been used extensively to draw traffic to business and personal websites in an attempt to recruit new clientele. Currently, Sticky Twits only offers one form of marketing material; stickers, and they will only help people promote their Twitter pages...that's how confident they are that they can build a business from the Twitter phenomenon!

There's no denying that this is one niche business that is finding success today, but it's not much for a long-term survival plan in the Twitter phenomenon suddenly becomes yesterday's news.

Jul 12, 2009
by Anonymous

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