This Incredible 15-Pound Replica Of Halo's Plasma Rifle Costs $600

A company by the name of TriForce has just revealed something that should prove incredibly exciting to fans of the Halo franchise - they've created full-sized models of one of the game's most iconic weapons, the Plasma Rifle.Each one measures at 24.5 inches tall and weighs in at 15 pounds, with a hand-painted finish.  

No, they don't actually fire real plasma - but they do have working LED effects, so you can feel like you're really wielding one of these titanic guns.

There are two models of rifle, available for preorder  at $650 and $600, respectively - the red "Brute"  and the blue "Elite." In order to preorder the former, interested parties will have to shell out a $162.50 non-refundable deposit. The latter, meanwhile, requires a $150 deposit.

Only 150 Brute Editions will be made, so those of you who want to pick one up for yourself had best jump on the opportuntiy soon - supplies are limited, after all. The Elite model will be far more plentiful, with 500 units available to TriForce's customers. Both models will ship in the third quarter of 2015, so you've a bit of a wait if you order one today.

Still, if you're a huge fan of the Halo series (or simply a dedicated collecter), one of these not-so-little gadgets could be just what you need for your mantlepiece.'Course, you could also try to dress up as one of the Elites or Brutes from the games - but I'm not sure most people'd have the upper body strength to wield one of these things. 

If you're interested in picking up one of these yourself, check out Project TriForce's official website. There are also scale statues of the monsters from Evolve. replicas of some of the gadgets and weaponry from Batman, and a full-scale model of Miss Moxxi's Bad Touch from Borderlands 2.