Incredible Russian Design Innovation: Asadov Floating Aerohotel

Aquaculture is becoming more and more attractive as the shadows of global warming and population displacement loom above modern populations. Alexander Asadov’s incredible floating Aerohotel is an elevated aquatic structure that reflects his professional mantra: “a fine project can be introduced in a single line.” The Aerohotel is in reality, a space-age floating island that sits on top of an elegant support system. This lush vision brims with hanging gardens and the preservation of an entire ecosystem that thrives underneath it.

The Aerohotel is composed of a 200-meters wide (about 700 feet) circular hub that is perched upon spokes, like a bicycle wheel, with three supporting ‘arms’ that stretch to the bottom of the site. Access to the hotel would be either bank-side, escalating up one of the arms or airside via one of the airstrips on deck.

The body of this amazing structure will house cafes, restaurants and a winter garden in addition to a hotel. The beauty of it design lies in its versatility as the Aerohotel can be installed in any body of water. Plans for this structure are so snazzy that they also include docking arrangements for boats as well as a landing strip for a zeppelin!

According to Asadov: “One of the benefits of the floating island is that it has significantly less costs for construction against the gravel works. Almost all the basin area under the construction is still untouched, thus improving the project’s ecological value.”

The Aerohotel is a picaresque but significant warning of what may well happen in the future if the current patterns of global warming aren’t addressed.

Presently, only Arab investors have registered an interest in the Aerohotel as an economical alternative to tidal islands. But who knows? Maybe soon, others will appear.

Too bad we can’t make reservations now, just in case!