Incredible Site Allows The Blind To Scan Cans

Site is a truly commendable project from inventor Jim Ruck. With the aim of helping blind people to solve a long standing food-related problem, the Site device offers a crucial service, and does so in an extremely practical, modern and effective way. Something tells me this bad boy will go far. 

Struck by the problems encountered by blind people when attempting to find a specific can of food in the cupboard or pantry, Jim Ruck went about creating a product which could, in a very modern and easy-to-use way, help provide a solution. Site allows users to scan an item, use voice recognition to name that item, and then find it again whenever he/she wants. A little elaboratation? Well okay.

Aiming to make blind people's lives easierAiming to make blind people's lives easier

Every aspect of Site is designed with the needs of blind people in mind. Each button on the device is a different size and texture, thus making them easier to identify. Users of Site can simply hold the device up to a can and press in the sides. This initiates the scan and the user can then use Site's inbuilt voice recognition software to name the item. This data is then saved on the device's USB drive.

With this information safely stored in Site, the user need only say the name of the food item he/she wishes to find, and the device will send a signal to the RFID tag of that can. Site's ring feature can then be taken from the device and will vibrate when it is close to the sought after can. Simple hey? Well...kind of simple.

Truly commendable workTruly commendable work

In addition to the practical brilliance of this product, it also serves a health purpose, and reads aloud to the user all of the nutritional information related to the food which is in the can. Put this together with the extremely innovative way in which Site goes about solving a very real problem, and one can only marvel at this product, not to mention its potential for world-wide use.  

A very practical inventionA very practical invention

With food can identification thought by many to pose a problem for blind people, Site is as innovative as it is thoughtful in its quest to make this task easier, not to mention the additional help it gives the user by providing nutritional information pertaining to the product. Although currently still not for sale, Site's scope for world-wide use surely means that it is just a matter of time before this device is a fixture in homes all over the land. 

Source: Site