Incrudo and the Russian Phantom Smartphone

According to news sources, the name, Incrudo, represents a small group of gadget enthusiasts who have already developed many customized exclusive gadgets for the pleasure of the more elitist among us. Devices like customized USB flash drives, Bluetooth gadgets, cases for smart-phones incrusted with Swarovski diamonds for different name brands like Nokia and Samsung and a myriad of other stylish, lavish and exclusive accessories form the partial list of their many creations.


In spite of Incrudo’s many beautiful creations and achievements, the Phantom Smartphone is hands down, the greatest of them all. The body of the Phantom smart phone is one of its strongest assets. The All-in-one Rigid Construction (ARC) of the hi-tech titanium mono-block is just 3 mm thick, (1/8th of an inch), but is solid as a stone. The face panel is made of ceramic plates, and the phone’s display is made of polished sapphire glass, which won’t scratch the screen easily even if you give it your best shot. The icing on the cake is, without a doubt, the blue sapphire so lavishly implanted in the middle of the OK button.

The Phantom Phone weighs 230 grams (8.1 ounces), features a GSM network, 240x320 display resolution, 8 GB memory card, 3.2 Mp camera and Bluetooth. Arguably these options are not earth shattering, but then again, high-end tech was not the Phantom’s primary objective.


To date, there have only been ten of the Incrudo Phantom smart phones made. Their price so far has been 610 euros ($830 US dollars). It is not known if more will be made, but for those that remain in the hands of thrilled owners, they are indeed masterpieces in their own right.