Index Chopping Boards: Brilliance, Practicality and Simplicity

Index Chopping Boards Doing Their ThingIndex Chopping Boards Doing Their ThingWhat are the Index Chopping Boards from Element Design?

This set of four color-coded, polypropylene chopping boards are clever tools for any modern kitchen. Color-coding avoids the cross-contamination of various food types. Red is for red meat, white is for chicken and pork, blue is for fish and green is for vegetables. (Disclaimer: if you are color blind, these may not be the chopping boards for you. Otherwise, please read on.)

What are some of the special features offered by these Index Chopping Boards?

In addition to the effective color-coding, these Index Chopping Boards from Element Design are practical space-savers as well. These chopping boards are stored in a stylish, plastic filing unit with a non-slip, rubber bottom and are also dishwasher-safe. The unit stands at approximately 9” x 13” and each board is 8”high x 12”wide x .75” deep.

Who designed these clever Index Chopping Boards?


Damian Evans is the creator of these innovative chopping boards. He created them while in the employ of Element Design which is a company that prides itself on innovative and striking design, including many aspects of 3D design, new product development, product and furniture design, packaging, trend forecasting and user research.

Are these innovative Index Chopping Boards for you?

Unless you are a germ living incognito, the answer is undoubtedly yes.

These chopping boards are a bit pricey at about $85 U.S. dollars per set, but they will last a long time.

Bacteria everywhere, fold, disassemble and disappear.

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