India’s National Innovation Foundation Reaches the Next Generation

The National Innovation Foundation (NIF), based in India, has long been known for its passionate support of grassroots innovation. From environmental improvement projects to technologically advanced solutions for both the home and workplace, NIF strives to support innovative minds and their creations both financially and intellectually.

Earlier this month, in honor of former president of India, A.P. J. Abdul Kalam’s 76th birthday, the NIF launched a children’s corner on its website devoted completely to the creativity and innovation of young minds. Included on the website was an idea competition and the recognition of youthful innovations that could only be thought up by a child’s perspective on life.

Officials from the NIF celebrate the growth of the organizationOfficials from the NIF celebrate the growth of the organization

By engaging children in fruitful knowledge-based activities, the foundation hopes to pass on its infamous Honey Bee philosophy which states sharing innovation should build a person up rather than tearing them down. In an era of stolen ideas and hijacked patents, going back to this grassroots philosophy of sharing and working cooperatively is a rare and important value in India. Places like the NIF hope that cultivating such morals in children will make India a leader in technology and inventions in all genres.

The most recent ideas to come out of the children’s corner include a conceptual outline for educational kiosks in the middle of Indian villages, and using matchsticks to help with Braille writing for the blind. Third place went to an idea involving the creation of a mobile kitchen for the deserts found in the areas of India’s desolate landscaping.

Source: National Innovation Foundation

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