Indidenim: Design Your Own Custom Jeans Online

A good pair of jeans can really do wonders when it comes to getting that hot look. Since off-the-rack designs don't always do a body justice, there are custom denim companies that we've come across. Most, however, require a visit in person. Now, one allows online ordering.

Indidenim: My jean designIndidenim: My jean design

Indidenim allows fashion lovers to design their own jeans online, combining the love of customizable fashion with the convenience of online shopping.  The process begins by allowing you to choose between slim fit, relaxed fit, trouser fit, or plus fit. Next, there are a number of fabric options to select from based on weight, stretch and color; followed by the pant's rise (super low, low, average or high). After that the choice is between a zipper or button fly, and then the fun really starts.

Indidenim even allows want-to-be designers to choose the style of the leg. Narrow, straight, bootcut, flair, wide leg, capri style, or wide-leg capri are the options. After that, fashionistas can really personalized their jeans, choosing the width of the hem can be selected to get the right look and feel; a coin slot can be added to the pockets; the back pocket shape can be selected. For those who don't choose a back flap, embellishment can be added; those that do move onto the next step which is choosing the finish. Different levels of distress can be selected, including whiskering, sanding and fraying.

After that, to ensure the proper fit you've got to supply your personal statistics including height, weight, inseam, waist measurement and for woman, the band size of their bra which apparently helps determine body shape.

To give them a better idea, you also select the pant size you normally wear, and select from a category that defines your body. Then, put your self-consciousness aside because you've got to make some selections about the look of your body. Tummy shape, waist shape, thigh shape and butt shape. Then you give them a feel for the issues you have with your typical jean purchases, like a gape at the waist (around the back), tightness around the love handles, and how the jeans fit in the hip when they are perfect at the waist.

Jeans start at $140, and Indidenim will take back the jeans for virtually any reason at all to make sure the fit is perfect. They offer a great service, at a price comparable to typical designer jeans, and best of all, they're clearly pretty funny if you take the time to go through their site.