Indoor Gardening Flipped: The Sky Planter


Patrick Morris has turned indoor gardening on its head with his revolutionary Sky Planter design.  

Made from ceramic, these inverted pots allow plants to grow upside down while securely holding the soil and  foliage in place.  A reservoir at the top of the device waters the roots directly while a locking disc mechanism on the bottom keeps the soil from falling out. 

 the 'how-to'the 'how-to'

These would be perfect for areas with skylights or overhead natural light, and they come in three different sizes to accomodate smaller to medium varietals. 

A question posed however, might be regarding the technicalities of the growing process:  As sunlight is essential for a seed's growth, an overturned pot that blocks those nutritious rays presents a very tangible obstacle!   Perhaps in the initial stages uplight would be necessary to kickstart the growth, and then once established the leaves would find their own way of reaching for the sun's wholesome sustenance.

 Thorsten Van Elton via Swiss Miss


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