Indoor Gnome Bowling - A Strike?

Gnomes as we know them to be are those small bearded weirdish looking little men that wear pointed hats. They can often be found nestled in gardens around the world but as of recent they are now being sighted in people's homes.

A spin off of the outdoor version of Gnome Bowling comes the indoor version. That's right now you can knock these silly guys down in the comfort of your own home rain or shine! The entire set includes 8 nervous looking gnomes and 2 lightweight balls so the household pets remain unharmed from hurling balls.

Whether you love them or hate them this bowling set is sure to provide some fun and get you laughing too. Great for kids of all ages and skill levels. I imagine this game would make for a great adults drinking too!

Available for purchase online the Gnome Bowling Set is wee bit on the pricey side retailing at approx. £19.95