Indoor Ice Climbing...At Work!

It's no secret that working at an outdoor sporting company is a dream job. You may not be making Wall Street or Silicon Valley dough, but you get to work with a group of people that share the same hobbies, work around the sports you love, get discounts on gear and trips, etc.

In video clip below, there's one more perk. At the Outdoor Research office in Seattle, a few creative employees (and one dog) take to indoor ice climbing. And when you don't actually have an indoor ice climbing wall, that basically equates to smashing walls with ice axes and crampons and looking totally ridiculous with full-on alpine gear in the middle of an office building. Oh yeah, and the ceiling's not that high either, so this is more like a horizontal traverse. 

Pretty sure you'd get fired for that at your average office, but at OR, it seems like just another day. And, if you happen to want to be fired in style, breaking out an all-out ice climbing ensemble on a slow Tuesday in cube-ville might be the way to get it done. 

Via: The Goat 

Dec 8, 2010
by Anonymous

Uses for

Theme parks
Cruise ships on a pre estd Ice Wall.
MNC: MultiNational Corp Hqs.
NYC, Wall St offices, brokeragers.
Sports Chalet chain.
Museums Living History
Colleges, PE Depts alone.