Industrial Technology Highlighted at HANNOVER MESSE


When it comes to industrial technology few events manage to bring the whole industry together. None of them do it quite like the HANNOVER MESSE event. The annual event, which takes place in Germany is a hotbed of innovation. The theme of this years conference was “Integrated Industry”. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of integrated industry, it is the idea that technology can and should be integrated across many different types of industries.

The event, which came to a close last Friday featured over 6,550 exhibitors from 62 different countries. The event had many different options. In the final report the event talked about the diversity of the exhibitions, "Our exhibitors addressed every conceivable aspect of the 'Integrated Industry' theme and demonstrated the power of integration as the key to greater cost-effectiveness, product quality and sustainability, and thus to achieving that all-important competitive edge. The experts all agree that integrated approaches to manufacturing are going to have a sweeping impact on global industry over the next 10 to 15 years, and beyond"

Topics discussed at the event included: IT, energy efficiency, robotics, microtechnology, MES and CAE.

Image: Morgue File