Infinite Chocolate Bar Celebrates 84 years of Japan's Meiji Chocolate

There's nothing like the sensation of breaking off that first piece of chocolate from a newly unwrapped bar. Problem is, the bar is soon gone and along with it, your diet plan, New Year's resolution and dinner appetite.

Bandai's answer? Virtual, "Infinite Chocolate" that gives you that sweet sensation of tasty anticipation without all the attendant sugar, calories and guilt.

Infinite Chocolate is the latest "mugen" item to hit the market. Mugen products provoke a Pavlovian response by imitating the sound or action (or both) involved in using a particular favorite product. Beer, bubble wrap, knuckle-cracking and more have all undergone the mugen treatment. 

Bandai's Infinite Chocolate bars all carry the Meiji logo, which is no coincidence. Meiji is one of Japan's oldest confectioners and they've been selling chocolate bars since 1926 though the look and logo of the bars has changed only infrequently.

2009 saw the first change in Meiji chocolate bar packaging since 1971 and the company partnered up with Bandai to publicize the update.

You can get your Infinite Chocolate from Saturday, January 30th and 3 different varieties will be available: dark, milk and white. Each item measures  58mm × 28mm × 14mm (around 2" x 1" x 1/2"), comes with a metal ball chain and costs 630 yen (about $7) each. (via Gigazine and Asovision)