Infinity Hammock Puts A Modern Twist On The Traditional Hammock

Infinity HammockInfinity Hammock

The hammock is one of the ways humans have integrated the comforts of home and nature--it's the ideal means to lounging and enjoying the breeze and sceenery. The Infinity Hammock puts a modern twist on the traditional hammock and gives your backyard or patio a modern appeal.

Inside InfinityInside Infinity

The Infinity Hammock, with its three ring design, incorporates hammock and table to make your outdoor lounging experience as comfortable as possible. You have the option to hang three of Trinity's hammocks and suspend a teak table in the middle of the frame. This design is great for backyards, patios, decks, porches, poolside or the beach. 

Quilted HammockQuilted Hammock

The hammocks themselves are available in the woven or quilted styles. The quilted style is ideal for environments where moisture isn't prevalent, and the woven is great for a good nap after you've been in the pool. The quilted design needs to be stored overnight or when it's raining, while the woven style can be left outside year round. 

You can find the Infinity Hammock on JusModern, and while it is a bit expensive, you have to remember that you're getting three hammocks. Also, you're money is going to a good cause. Trinity Hammocks, makers of the Infinity Hammock, has partnered with poor communities in Vietnam and Cambodia to provide employment and opportunities to those communities. Individuals from those communities build the hammocks you buy and the sales revenue is reinvested in those communities through Mekong Plus, which provides scholarship opportunities to children and agriculture and finance based training to adults. Not only is the Infinity Hammock a cool piece for your backyard, buying one could help someone less fortunate. 

Source: Trinity Hammocks