Inflatable Furniture Gets an Upgrade with 'Via Lattea'


Italian furniture design company Meritalia has expanded their "Stardust" line of blow-up furniture to include new shapes in their most recent line, 'Via Lattea'.  In a jokey reference to pasta, the idea of this line is based around constructing a "ravioli made of air" from a translucent and lightweight material that is bouyant yet strong. Inside, a metallic netting gives the furniture some sturdy weight and support, while low-voltage, high performance LEDs change color and snazz things up.  Additionally, the materials used in this line are recycled, and due to their low weight are easily transported, creating a low carbon footprint. And, on top of that, they can even double as inflatable pool furniture, making for a rockingly stylish pool party.

Original 'Stardust' lineOriginal 'Stardust' line

Says Meritalia:

"The “air ravioli” deriving from the packaging sector, the lightweight stainless steel mesh of the industrial filters, and the materials in recycled fibres used in construction or for the transportation of sugar, grains or stones are extremely low-cost and high-pressure technical materials, which never cease to amaze and impress with their practical and appealing results. A fine example is the strong white fabric with distanced warps and wefts in black carbon threads (originally used as earthing for electrostatic currents), which has produced indestructible and surprisingly elegant padded furniture, reminiscent of that of Chicago gangsters in the Thirties."


The shapes new to the line are 'Mappamondo' (Globe), the 'Buco Bianco' (White Hole), and  the 'Galassia' (Galaxy), and were exhibited at Milan Design Week earlier this spring. 

 Meritalia via Treehugger

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