Inflatable Sleeping Jacket Lets You Nap Anywhere


Last week, we saw the JakPak, a sleeping bag/tent/waterproof jacket combo. Here's another interesting hybrid jacket for nomadic slumberers that brings a little extra comfort to users.

Named simply "Sleeping Coat", the inflatable jacket wears like any other waterproof jacket up until fatigue and sleepiness catch up to you. Then it turns into a sleeping bag complete with integrated inflatable camping mat. Since this is a jacket, it inflates on all sides, providing a little cushion between you and the ground no matter what side you sleep on. That's something that the average camping mat just won't do.

The design by Lin Tsui-Wei includes a detachable skirt to extend the inflatable comfort all the way down to your legs. For more traditional campers, the skirt can also be used as a standalone mat. When in jacket mode, the skirt serves to make a full-length raincoat, a style that probably won't be too conducive to hiking through the wilds.

The Sleeping Coat won a Red Dot Award in 2009.

When compared with the JakPak, the Sleeping Coat doesn't include any type of tent, so you'll be exposed to the weather and critters. This one will either require the use of a separate tent or will only be useful on clear nights where the mosquitoes and other pests don't fly. The JakPak is also an actual market product as opposed to a design. While we like the idea behind the Sleeping Coat, it's pretty clear: advantage JakPak.

Red Dot via Dvice

Feb 28, 2010
by Anonymous

Apps for

Search Rescue
Forest Service
Eco studies
Boy Scouts
EMT MedEvac.
USBP (rural patrol areas).
NYC Central Park?
Lifeguard Units.
Firefighting rural.

Mar 1, 2010
by Anonymous

clear choice

Advantage, JakPak