“Influsaber” Wand Safely Sterilizes Household Objects with Ultraviolet Light

You can't see them but they're there: nasty microbes infesting your smartphone, iPad, earbuds, pretty much any everyday electronic device. One can safely assume if someone has used it, they've left it crawling with germs! What to do?

Whip out the handy dandy “Influsaber” ultraviolet light wand and go full Jedi, that's what! Those miniature malevolent Darth Vaderisms don't have a chance when blasted with the Influsaber's UV rays, especially since they're tuned towards the UV-C area of the spectrum. UV-C light is known for its anti-bacterial and antiseptic effects; exposure destroys the genetic structure of microorganisms.

Using the 363mm (14.5") long and 150gm (5.3oz) Influsaber is simple – there are no moving parts and once you install four AA-size batteries you're ready to sterilize.

A digital LCD screen on the wand's upper surface displays the time you've input via the Timer button. The light can shine for up to 3 hours but for most applications a simple 5-minute light bath is sufficient. One caveat is the lack of any holder besides the user's hand and arm. Sterilizing something for more than 5 minutes takes on the complexion of a Survivor immunity endurance challenge.

The Influsaber's 4-watt UV bulb is rated for approximately 8,000 hours of total operating time and if you're concerned about safe operation (especially around curious children), be aware that power to the bulb cuts out automatically if the wand deviates from its standard face-down position.

Last but not least, a pair of tinted UV-blocking sunglasses are included to protect the user from any reflections or back-scattering. The model JF-UVW1B Influsaber, from Japan's ForceMedia, is priced at 9,999 yen (around $125) and at the present time is only available in Japan. (via VR-Zone and Androwire)

UPDATE: While this specific product is not available in the US, there are several well rated UV wands available here.

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Feb 1, 2013
by Anonymous

Hi Steve, Sorry to contact

Hi Steve,

Sorry to contact you this way. Im writing to you about your article regarding the Pickmaster in November 2011. I own that product - lock stock and barrels. But i haven't heard of DMR who seem to be distributing it in Japan. We have supplied some to that great nation but not to DMR and not that many.
Makes me believe that someone may be promoting counterfeit goods.
Could you drop me a line so i can get to the bottom of it.

George Crane
Slam Design Ltd
+44 1507588476
george @ slamdesign.co.uk
www. slamdesign.co.uk
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