Info Leaked About Creative's Answer To The iPhone

Leaked documents from the company’s UK website has revealed that Creative’s new music device might just peel away the hype surrounding Apple’s iPhone.

The Zen X-Fi is still in progress but is aimed to be the answer to Apple’s innovative product. Along with a new aluminium-and-chrome look, the new ZEN will supposedly be Creative’s first wireless player and will have a unique nine-point directional pad. Users will have the option of using instant messaging services like Windows Live and Yahoo Messenger.

In regards to media sharing, the Zen X-Fi will have access to a host computer’s own content to play it another room. The portable player will also have X-Fi audio technology used from the company’s sound cards and will use it either to restore lost detail in MP3s or to create a concert-like audio effect. Aside from audio, the device will be able to play and manage photos and videos through a type of software called Creative Centrale. Details are still a bit unclear, but users will also have the ability to burn DVDs. According to Creative, an SD card slot will be included and the device will also feature a new built-in speaker.

A release date for the new player has not been set; prices will also vary as some models won’t have wireless abilities.