Inner Message Ring: Fashion Jewlery Tattoos You With Romance

What woman doesn't like the message delivered when a sparkly rock of an engagement ring is placed on her finger? Even if she doesn't want to marry the man, it's the ultimate form of flattery and pretty snazzy fashion. But now, there's the Inner Message engagement ring that not only implies that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, it says it!

No, the Inner Message Ring isn't some tacky fashion that doubles as a recording device, it's a pretty romantic, classic piece of jewelry and the twist is that what makes it unique isn't visible when it's being worn. Perhaps designed by a man who didn't want to use up his daily communication quota with a length marriage proposal; or better yet, by a truly romantic at heart; the Inner Message Ring engraves a temporary message on the finger of the wearer.

The fun fashionable jewelry could make for a unique and romantic marriage proposal. Imagine, putting the Inner Message Ring on her hand and presenting it as a promise ring; then next time she takes it off she'll get a thrilling surprise when imprinted in her skin is "marry me".

The Inner Message Rings, which are also available with the message "always" are designed by Yoon Jung Yung of South Korea.

Via: Trendhunter